Medicine of the Heart


Welcome Family!

Return to the dream of peace: one mind, one body, one spirit with Creator. His is always a message of peace and the coming together of all people as family. Let us care for one another and for Mother Earth.    ~ Yellow Horse Man


Grandfather Yellow Horse Man is an honored and respected workshop facilitator, speaker and spiritual counselor. He has been interviewed on radio and television and he has lectured at Universities, churches and expos. He has traveled and met with different Native People and Elders around the world learning the ancient ways.

Through these teachings he has come to understand how much we need to return to the “original instructions” – to see each other as one sacred family and to live in Creator’s Sacred Dream of Peace.

Grandfather Yellow Horse Man has received the “Beacon of Light” Award in the fall of 2007 from The National Interfaith Council – awarded in recognition for his lifetime service to humanity.

You will find on the pages that follow his passion, his work and his offerings.


Yellow Horse Man, Teri and Crystal Rain

Yellow Horse Man, Teri and Crystal Rain