Medicine of the Heart

About Us

The Journey and Mission

Grandfather Yellow Horse Man is a man who speaks from his heart. Over the many years he has spoken to thousands of people sharing his message of peace. His goal is to bring all the families of the world together – to open their hearts to creative thought and to allow each person to see themselves as important to this world. He believes that we are in the great awakening, preparing ourselves to walk together into Creator’s Sacred Dream of Peace.

Grandfather believes that by changing the way we think and feel about ourselves we can change the world we live in. His teachings have a way of touching our hearts to allow us to see what is important for our own lives; he calls his teachings “Medicine of the Heart.” He sees beyond the words that we share with him and he truly connects with each person with whom he works. When it is over, you feel that for the first time TRUTH has touched your heart.

For over 35 years Grandfather has been on this journey of learning, travelling as a Peace Elder, taking him to many parts of the world. He is now the author of two books: ”Children, Messengers of Peace” where 50% of the net proceeds go to help children around the world and his second book “Messages from the Heart” which became available August 2008.