Medicine of the Heart

Children Messengers of Peace

Out of the Mouth of Babes


Yellow Horse Man_Terry_Crystal Rain

Yellow Horse Man, his wife Teri and their daughter Crystal Rain – 2003

Children are the peace-makers of tomorrow. They are the ancient spirits who have come back at this very special time to implement their message of peace.”

This page will be a collection point for messages of peace from individual children (age 18 and under please).  Messages received will be posted here for all to read and appreciate. Children every-where are invited to send us their thoughts about world peace and we will share them with the world.

Our goal in the end will be to publish these works in a book that can be sold. A portion of the proceeds will go to help other children in the world that need our help


Put peace into the world.
Expect peace to come back.
Attract love to yourself.
Create love for the world.
Experience the peace and love that flows within all of us.
Lucas C    Age 11  New Jersey


I am tired of the pollution of the air and no trees to clean the air.
I am tired of the animals having no place to live so they come to our habitat and destroy our domesticated animals. I like your idea of world peace because I am tired of the fighting over in Iraq and the killing at state side.
Mariama    Age 11    Georgia


We all need to become peaceful just as the message grandfather Yellow Horse says!
Chris R.     Age 18    Arizona


We should all understand the values of life. For us to live in Peace and Justice.Let us love each other, and make the world a better place for us to live in. Let us follow our role model Mother Teresa and reach out to other people, and show them the ways of life.
Faith H.     Age 12    New Zealand


There are going to be a lot of kids coming of age who may seem unruly and defiant. Embrace them, don’t punish them. For the Indigo children pave the way for the crystal children.
Michael R.     Age 18      Maine


We should get cupid to shoot love arrows into Pres. Bush’s heart, because if he had love in his heart he couldn’t hurt anyone anymore. He’d HAVE to care about people being hurt and hungry and homeless.
Gabriel M.       Age 6       California


People should be kind, use kind words. Peace is not to put peace symbols
on your hand, but to show respect to others and yourself.
We hold the future in our hands.
Shayla M.   Age 10    Washington


Pray that we all can work together to build a new world of trust and love,
respecting ourselves and nature.
John I.        Age 12        Pennsylvania


Why can’t people get along and be peaceful?
Melanie I.     Age 12   Pennsylvania


Let no child stand in the separation.  Let no child stand alone all around
the earth.  Bring the children home.
Cristina C.     Age 11    California


We all need to stop being so afraid, and let the love, light, and peace
that is within our hearts to SHINE! We need to stop all wars and violence,
there has been enough blood shed. We need to realize that we are all equal,
beautiful beings! Beings of Love, Light, Compassion, Peace…and just love
and respect each other! We need to transform competition and greed into
cooperation and sharing. But we must do that together, as a family. Let us
all heal the scars of separation, violence, war, and hate, with love, peace,
light, compassion, joy, happiness, and tolerance for all. Let’s all build a
new world where all are accepted for who they are, and are not judged. Let
us all build a new world of love and peace, for it is time.
Ivana K.    Age 16     Utah


We all need to stop the segregation. The world is full of clans of
different people and everybody needs to stop priding themselves on being a
certain kind of person. We need to start priding ourselves on being God’s
people as a whole. Black pride, Asian pride, whatever pride….stop it all.
Lets just have God’s people pride, loving each other and growing
together in harmony.
Heather D.    Age 16     New York


Peace on earth.
Everyone should stop fighting.
As one race there are no Blacks or Hispanics.
Come everyone. Put down the guns and stop killing.
Everyone has to take care of the earth for it to take care of you.
Frank P.    Age 10    Florida


Peace is something special that everybody deserves in their life.
Each of us should be thankful for what we have in our lives and care for one
another like brothers and sisters.
As all of us try to make a difference for our surroundings, we can make a better life for ourselves.
Can we make peace happen in our life?
Earth is your family, so if you want peace you can make a great difference by building more happiness on our Earth.
Monica G.    Age 10    Florida


Peace should be with all our brothers and sisters.
Each of us should try to make peace with every hope and thought.
All of us need to take care of our mother earth.
Cause everyone can make a big difference for all living people, animals, and
Even though sometimes peace can’t be made.
Zuleica A.   Age 9    Florida


Peace is not just a state of mind. It is a place of being, a place within yourself as well as without.And, we are very blessed to have the Grandmothers and Grandfathers left to teach us this peace.
OldSoul B.   Age 16   Georgia


In the end, we are all dust in the wind.  But that doesn’t mean we should
act like it and be careless all the time as we blow over this world.
Ben   Age 14   South Carolina


Why do we concern ourselves constantly with consuming and destroying? Stop thinking with your wallets and start thinking with your hearts. Government? War? Boundaries? Why?
Peace, friends. Peace.
Andrew W.  Age 15   North Carolina


I think that we should not have war. I mean, have you seen the children whose fathers have gone to fight just for peace. When I see those children whose loved ones go to fight, it’s sad. I think we should have peace
treaties to solve these fights. God gave parents because he wanted children to be taken care of. We should think of the children and their families, whom God loves very much. I am a Christian and I wish the children could
know the wonderful Lord. I hate war. Those people are willing to die for their country. You may think that children don’t really care that their loved ones go, die, and no longer exist. Think again. Give these children hope, faith, and unconditional love. They love their fathers and mothers.
Veronica D.   Age 11   Georgia


People of all sorts, Chinese, Japanese, English, Scottish, Irish, etc., are not meant to be fighting
because some are loving parents who need to be home with their children, holding and loving them,
just making sure they are OK! But, some are just people who need not to die of war, but to die of old age!
They need to be home, being healthy, not firing cannons at opponents! Please try to keep it this way!
Jade C.  Age 9    North Carolina


Peace is the coming together as one, a love, no hate relationship. You have
to look deep down to find peace, when you do you’ll find true happiness. No
fighting, no hatred. People think they see, but they are truly blind because
they can make the peace inside themselves, if they stop and look
within. People also are blind because they see people differently
than themselves, but isn’t everyone the same?
Melissa   Age 11    Georgia


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