Medicine of the Heart

Medicine of The Heart Ministry

Medicine of the Heart Ministry

(Interfaith Family)

Vision Statement

Medicine of the Heart Ministry is open to all of humanity to come together as one mind, one body, and one spirit with Great Spirit to bring all of our hearts together to create a consciousness of unconditional love. We believe that Creator is more powerful than all of mankind’s illusions. We put our faith in Creator back into our hearts. We believe that as we raise our consciousness of peace, harmony, truth and unconditional love, we can all share this sacred alters called mother earth as one family.

Speak in a kind, gentle way to all we meet, living out our dreams and being present for those around us and the sacred ceremonies of life.

Each of you are a special spirit with a mission in life … let your hearts be your guide, and the Medicine of the Heart Ministry will bring us together to dance our prayers and unite as one family, hand in hand, around the world and walk in the dream of Creator’s dream of peace.


Message from Yellow Horse Man:

Founder of Medicine of the Heart Ministry

Hello Family, I send blessings to each of you who have joined us in the Medicine of the Heart Ministry to be able to walk our journeys together. For the last 15 years I have received visions and dreams that one day our lives would change and we would need to move to a higher consciousness. Many have felt an urge to move out of the chaos and the drama that has held back our spirit from feeling the wholeness or peace that they are seeking in this life and our connection to Creator. You are not alone, many are looking for like-minded people to join in prayer and to open up our hearts once again to unconditional love.

I feel we need to have consistency in our lives where we are honoring the life-givers, the mother’s of the children, the peacemakers of tomorrow. We need to give the respect back to mother to grandmother and to the sister, the nature of all things. We need to open the hearts of the men so that they can step forward and feel the love in their hearts once again. We have all been walking in what I call the “illusion of man“, creating a separation of our families. We have gone a whole millennium in this state of consciousness. It is time to move into Illumination and Awareness.

For the next 8 years we need to prepare for what is yet to come. We need to let go of our past of anger, fears, judgments, resentments, prejudice, jealousy, our guilt and our blame. For these cause our hearts to be closed off to Creator and our higher consciousness. Every bit of anger and violence carries energy and is felt throughout the world. Just think what it would be like to take all that energy and violence and put the same amount into Love and Respect, Harmony and Honoring. Mother earth would feel the change, all Creation would feel whole once again, families all over the world would reunite. I believe in Creator/God, I know we can do this together. I think we could all use “Medicine of the Heart” now.

It is my dream and vision that by 2012, we will no longer live in the fear but live with peace in our hearts and this will be a way of life that begins with one heart at a time. May you all wake up to the rising sun to say “thank you Great Spirit/Creator for waking me another day” and beginning your own healing journey.

Love and Blessing goes out to all my family throughout the world.

Thank you for your support!

Grandfather Yellow Horse Man

To join our ministry, please contact us as shown at the bottom of this page.

Yellow Horse Man has been a minister with UB Ministry since 1997.

By Appointment:  Individual and family spiritual counseling

Available: To perform Wedding Ceremonies — Call for consultation




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