Medicine of the Heart

Messages from The Heart

Messages from the Heart

 A Moment in Time


world_leaderFor over the last 100 years we have been waiting for a leader to come along who would lead us out of darkness and troubled times. Someone who would listen to the people and bring about change through listening to the people’s voice and create a world of peace for our families to live in. Have we become so caught up in the illusion of fear and negativity that we feel there is no hope for this to happen? Now that we find ourselves in an economic crisis and the economy is in a down-swing, I wanted to express the energy that is put into these thoughts on a daily basis.

We have to look into our own hearts and see that the experience that we are going through is only a moment in time where we are moving into a great shift. Old ideas are not working and we need to see what the future holds for each one of us. Awaken to a new thought process and create new images for us to focus our energy on. We need to come back to the idea that we can change the world by knowing there is no limits to our creative thoughts. We need to believe in ourselves and our prayers to Great Spirit/ Creator/ God and once again believe that all things are possible. Nothing is too hard or too difficult when we are willing to make the changes in each of our lives to bring our world and ourselves back into balance. Then we will choose a leader who believes in Creator’s Dream of Peace.

The Awakening

spiritual-awakeningEvery few thousand years the awakening occurs. People from all walks of life throughout the world begin to wake up to their own inner thoughts, looking around at what is going on in their lives and realizing they had been asleep spiritually, physically and emotionally. One morning they look in the mirror and they realize they don’t recognize the person they have become. They look at their physical body overweight and out of shape because during their sleep they stop caring so their bodies become physically ill from lack of love and attention.

 As we awaken more fully we see our emotional state of mind has broken down to the point of an emotional wreck and we no longer resolve our problems, but just create more. This brings us down to a lower vibration of depression, creating our own emotional scars and creating the belief that we cannot heal. So we carry all of our negative baggage causing stress and stress takes us to a place of anger, even a lower vibration of our subconscious. As the awakening continues we look at our spiritual path and while we were asleep we find this was almost non-existent. We stop feeding our soul and stop looking to the sky world and offering our “thanks” to Creator. Instead of believing in Creator, we condemn Creator for the negativity of our own lives and the negativity of the world.

 We are all right in the middle of the awakening where we need to love this person we are and believe we can change the physical body from a place of overweight and illness to a strong and healthy person again. This will give us back the power to believe that we are a worthwhile person. In the awakening we are responsible for our emotional self to see how to deal with our own emotional state of mind.

 Learn to see your real truth and stop blaming others for what is taking place in your life. Know you can take care of stress by dealing with your own life’s problems. Once again taking back YOUR power.

 In the awakening we need to walk the spiritual path of our own choosing and connect back to Great Spirit to live in our hearts and to believe that you are important to Creator and that we live how we choose. Take the time to awaken the soul to a higher consciousness.

 Everyone is important in this time of the Awakening. Let your Spirit illuminate the light of Peace, this is the Pathway to Heart and Higher Consciousness of Creator’s Unconditional Love.

 While we were asleep, we separated from our true spiritual being and we forgot what was important; our connection to Great Spirit, our Love for our Families, the Sacredness of Mother Earth, the Sacred Gift of Water and the Sacred Air that we breathe. These are important to not only us, but the Future Generations. We are here to build our true spiritual self and to live in a way that brings Peace wherever we put our footprints.

 We can do this Family!



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