Medicine of the Heart


Workshops, Classes and Personalized Sessions

Hello Family,

These workshops, classes and personalized sessions are meant to help all people from all walks of life. I offer them to help bring the change that is needed in our everyday lives.

I believe the world will change when we see each other as family and open our hearts to believing that all things are possible.

Crystal Healing Workshop

This is an advanced workshop with emphasis on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.   read more…

The Power of the Drum ~ Drum Making Workshop

Join in for a day of fun and stories with Grandfather Yellow Horse Man while you make your very own Native hand drum. This is an all day experiential workshop — all materials provide.   read more…

Raising Exceptional Children

This workshop is to guide you (parents, caregivers) to better understand the unique qualities of the children in your lives and to help you to become more creative in the way that you speak to each other, learn together and live together.   read more…

Spiritual Readings and Insightful Messages

Private Sessions or Group Forum of questions and answers

(These messages are not intended to tell you how to live your life, but to give insight into your own ability to make conscious decisions for yourself.)

You will experience a reading that can help to open up blocks in your decisions, both past and present. From the moment I meet with you I am connected to you and I start right away to receive messages that are meant just for you. I look forward to working with you. I feel the time is right to open up to new choices.    read more…

Monthly “Messages from the Heart”

Insights and Celebrations of Life

This program is designed to inspire people to open up to a new thought process, to be able to open up their hearts to new insights with a fresh new outlook on life. Each lecture is on different topic each month.   read more…

Circle of Healing

The Family and Our Planet

A one day workshop working with participants to create balance in relationships in the way that the family communicates to each other. Many families find it difficult to deal with everyday problems, from the teenagers to the adults. We need to relearn how to heal the things of the past and to start to live from the present moment. Those who are willing to do this work have the harmony in their family circle.    read more… 

Men’s Retreat

This weekend retreat is offered to men’s groups or individuals who would like to learn about the ancient knowledge and wisdom that was passed on to men throughout the generations.  read more…