Medicine of the Heart

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Workshop

(This is an advanced workshop with emphasis on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.)                                                                            

Crystal healingCrystal Therapy has been used for thousands of years as a way of realigning the chakras, the energy fields that run through each one of our bodies. The reason that this works is because our bodies carry the same energy as the crystals. They have been programmed to hold the energy of Mother Earth so when we use them we can take that crystal healing energy and apply it to relieving stress and also helping us to have more clarity.

A fine example of this is the use of crystals in radios, televisions, computers, satellites and telephones. It was realized that crystals have a big capacity to hold energy and that they could be programmed, more than anything else that we have here. So using crystals in healing is a beautiful subtle way to bring about change. In ancient times people carried crystals and certain colored stones for their own healing use.

In this class you will have a hands on experience working with crystals and stones from the traditional Maori healing system. The Maori healing system was taught in ancient times when people were closer to the understanding of nature energy ~ utilizing vibration, sound and prayers to activate the crystals. The person working with the crystals would prepare themselves so that they would have a clear energy to be able to touch the crystals themselves. This is one of the things taught, to work straight from the heart and receive the light energy through your own inner self.

Learning to work with this crystal healing system takes years of practice, even once you have learned the techniques and system, there is always the inner work that needs to be done. This class will also teach you ways of meditation to bring about clarity and insight.

Testimonial for Crystal Healing class:

“I consider Yellow Horse Man’s Crystal Healing workshop to be well worth the investment. You will not only be taught about the healing qualities of the crystals, but also how to improve your effectiveness as a healer. Those that have received crystal healings from me have been amazed by the results. Yellow Horse Man is an experienced and loving teacher. I expect my clients to be amazed because I was taught by the best. Thank you Yellow Horse Man”