Medicine of the Heart

Drum Making

Drum Making Workshop   

The Power of the Drum 


Grandfather Yellow Horse Man has been making drums for over 25 years.  He says “ we call the drum the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Each part of the making of a drum teaches us how we are related to all the elements, all that we see and all that we are.”

Drums have been a part of the evolution of mankind holding the vibrational energy of the heartbeat. The drum has the power to draw people together. Many people throughout the world have used the drum in ceremony or the rhythmic dances and for healing. The drum is one of our oldest instruments.

“Coming together to make this drum is not just putting a hide over a frame, there are many stories and teachings about what the drum means. I will be able to share some of these teachings with you. The drum has a lot more meaning when it is made with these beautiful teachings and you will understand why the drum is called the heartbeat of Mother Earth.”

Native Hand Drums with Drum Stick

15″ — $315.00 – Made with elks hide and cedar frame with a 7 pointed star on the back.(S&H included within the USA)
15″ — $415.00 – Made with buffalo hide and cedar frame with a 7 pointed star on the back. (S&H included within the USA)


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