Medicine of the Heart

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings and Insightful Messages

Private Sessions or Group Forum of Questions & Answers

(These messages are not intended to tell you how to live your life, but to give insight into your own ability to make conscious decisions for yourself.)

SagingYou will experience a reading that can help to open up blocks in your decisions, both past and present. From the moment I meet with you I am connected to you and I start right away to receive messages that are meant just for you. I look forward to working with you. I feel the time is right to open up to new choices.

For many years Grandfather Yellow Horse Man has been known to have a special gift — to receive messages about the individual / individuals that he is working with. His job is not to tell people their future but to give them more insight into their own consciousness. He carries the great wisdom of ancient times and believes that each one who lives here on Mother Earth has their own spirit guide who is anxious to help each person to complete this life.

Through learning how to listen, Grandfather Yellow Horse Man has been able to help people to be in touch with their own true self and to help to bring them back into a closer relationship with their spiritual self. His wisdom does not only come from an ancient time but from his own life experiences — over the years he has worked with thousands of people, whether it be in ceremony or in counseling.

Many people are looking for a harmonious life and they have been programmed to search outside of themselves to find this. Everything in this world is brought together through our own thought and our belief of who we are. It is when we truly look within ourselves that we can acknowledge who we are as a person. It has been in each one of us to choose to live in Peace, to understand and live with Unconditional Love. It is within our self to believe that we are a Beautiful Human Being upon this Mother Earth. We are all connected here as one sacred family experiencing each other on a time line to help us to move and to complete our lives here – we need each other.

“Experiencing things new and different create a new belief system – a new reality – a new beginning.”



 ~ “It was great. Very Revealing! One comment, one secret revealed can and will change your whole life.”  ~Amy

~ ” Grandfather Yellow Horse Man is gentle and kind. His ability to speak the words of your heart is amazing. He walks with you in your heart and helps you bring in the love and light. You leave his presence with the greatest peace.”  ~Reba W.

~ “Yellow Horse is truly a blessing from God. He directed me in the path that I knew I needed to go towards, but I just didn’t know how. He helped me to understand some of my directions that were holding me in the same place and taught me to move forward.”  ~Blessings! Kimberly H.

 ~ “Yellow Horse Man’s words come from the heart and know where the healing is needed in your heart – Thank you for ceremony with Mother Earth.”  ~Carmen*

 ~ “Your insight to my hearts desire is still astounding to me. I had never told anyone of my desire to be of greater service. I will be forever grateful for the gift of knowledge that you imparted upon me, and I will think of you often. ”  ~Namaste’   Susan


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