Medicine of the Heart

Circle of Healing

The Family and Our Planet

high conflictA one day workshop working with participants to create balance in relationships in the way that the family communicates to each other. Many families find it difficult to deal with everyday problems, from the teenagers to the adults. We need to relearn how to heal the things of the past and to start to live from the present moment. Those who are willing to do this work have the harmony in their family circle. 

We are the Creators of our own lives, every thought that we put into ourselves as a person is who we believe we are. Our life is about our own decisions, the clothes we wear, the jobs we choose to work from – every thought is about how we would like to live here. We share our thoughts with others, we choose the mates that we would like to live with or be a part of – everything revolves around our choices. Many times we get lost in the things we are choosing to do in that moment and we begin to want to see things differently, yet we keep creating that same circle among each of us. Then we pass that on to our families of origin and engage in different dysfunctions.

The circle of healing means just that – that we begin with our own self and our own healing. Then we expand out to our family and to the earth, our planet. As our own co-creator , we are the ones that are able to change by learning from the experiences that we have already gone through and putting forth new thoughts to change our behavior patterns.

~  Learn different aspects of healing yourself.
~  Learn how to separate the story from the truth.
~  Learn that we are in our own illusion and learn how to begin to work from the heart instead of only from the mind.


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