Medicine of the Heart

Exceptional Children

Raising Exceptional Children

(Workshops, Classes and Personalized Sessions Available)

This workshop is to guide you (parents, caregivers) to better understand the unique qualities of the children in your lives and to help you to become more creative in the way that you speak to each other, learn together and live together.

Our children have always been spoken of as the future generations; the one’s who will create a new beginning. Yet we still try to teach our same old rules handed down by our parents. We see that many of these skills and teachings aren’t working for these new generations, but we still continue to not recognize them as a  person from the minute they are born. We begin to put limitations right away with the many different negative words in our language.

*Stop that
*Don’t do that
*No you can’t have that
*Don’t touch that
*Don’t bother me now
*You will do as I say
*You are not really hurt, don’t cry

Not to forget our own fears of insects, reptiles, dogs, cats, the list is endless. Even the schools don’t allow children to dream or to see their own future. Their lives are controlled by what is being taught to them from the books. So, from the very beginning when a child is looking out the window dreaming of what they are to become the teacher comes and scolds the child and says to get back to work. Their spirit slams back into their bodies and after many years of this kind of training, they no longer feel safe to dream or use their imagination. They begin to sit there and wait for instruction on what to do next.

This creates a separation in their spirit and their abilities to think for themselves. They become robots waiting to be programmed with no feeling, no emotion, no spiritual connection, and no imagination. We have seen this happening with our own generation where we are afraid to speak our own truth or we have a lot of fear of change or trying to make the right decision for ourselves.

This is the time of our awakening. Now is truly the time for us as the human race throughout the world to take a good long look at who we are and our own destiny. For this is the time the Children will awaken the whole world. They are truly the old ancient spirits who have come back to be the peacemakers of today.


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